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Minimalism as a Mindset

Minimalism is on many people’s minds these days, along with the awareness that things we keep in our home should “spark joy,” according to Marie Kondo.

You may just want to be able to park your car in the garage, or find the can opener when you need it.  And so you start to declutter – removing items you no longer need, use or love – or have room for.  Thus begins the organizing process.  How far you pursue this effort, and for what reasons, will determine your success.

While decluttering is a great place to start organizing, minimalism is more than that;  it is a mindset, an intentional way of looking at what you own, and how you spend your resources, including your time.  It challenges consumer assumptions about how much is needed – of clothing, furniture, gear, gadgets, kitchenware, etc. – and what value they bring.  By removing what doesn’t matter, you gain clarity about what does. And yes, if that figurine from your grandmother truly sparks joy, keep it and display it!

Minimalism is a mindset, but the lifestyle will look different for everyone.  The “why” behind choices are unique, but the pause between the stimulus and response will be the same. Is this item or activity worth my resources?  Will it add value to my life? You may never aspire to live in a tiny house, but that shouldn’t stop you from eliminating things from your home and schedule that consume your time, mind and space.  Or, from purchasing things that don’t fit that criteria either.

Many people are choosing to invest in experiences rather than purchases, because memories can last a lot longer than the latest gadget.  There are also opportunities to share resources within a community – tools or seldom-used items. Turning to Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist before purchasing new, or looking into renting when needed, is also a great way to slow the impulse to buy.

Henry David Thoreau said “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”  How much of your life – your time and resources – are you exchanging for the things you own?  Start by decluttering, but don’t stop there.  You ‘ll never know what joy can be had from owning less and experiencing more.

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