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What is Virtual Organizing, and can it work for you?

Virtual Organizing is a great way to take advantage of a Professional Organizer’s expertise on a time frame and budget that works for you.  It is a collaborative process where the organizer works with you remotely, using phones, tablets or computers, to guide you through projects in your home or office.  If you are wondering whether Virtual Organizing would work for you, here are some things to consider:

  1. Do you consider yourself a DIYer, someone who is self-motivated?
  2. Do you have a sense of organizing already, but just need a plan?
  3. Do you like to work at your own pace?
  4. Can you commit time to tasks in-between sessions?
  5. Are you open to having an accountability partner?
  6. Is the area you want to address limited in scope (i.e., not the whole house)?
  7. Are you physically able to perform organizing tasks without an organizer present?
  8. Is distance or scheduling on-site sessions preventing you from getting organized?
  9. Are you uncomfortable/embarrassed for someone to come into your home?
  10. Are you comfortable with technology (Zoom, Facetime) or willing to give it a try? Do you have adequate wi-fi coverage in your home?

If virtual organizing sounds like a good way to jumpstart your decluttering projects, consider the benefits:

  1. Gain access to the expertise, encouragement, coaching and direction of a Professional Organizer.
  2. Keep yourself accountable for tasks as part of an agreed-upon plan.
  3. Work at your own pace, on your own schedule to accomplish the plan.
  4. Enjoy the flexibility and budget-friendly option of shorter online sessions.
  5. Gain new skills, insights, habits from focused virtual conversations, and be able to put them in practice between sessions.

Virtual Organizing isn’t for everyone.  Some people prefer on-site, hands-on sessions to complete a project.  Others may start with an on-site visit, then use  virtual sessions to continue their progress and keep them on task.  Whatever motivates you to begin and continue the process will guide your decision, but if you want to get organized, you’ve got options!

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