Client Testimonials

"I moved into a new house and after a few months I still had boxes all over the garage and the finished basement floors. I was feeling tired and overwhelmed, and through an online search found 'Organized to a T'. I was reluctant to make a call but I am so glad I did. Theresa was friendly and I immediately felt at ease talking to her. In our first session we accomplished much more than I thought was possible. She came up with ideas of how to utilize the walls so everything fit nicely. I was so relieved to have the garage organized that it motivated me to do the basement as well. The experience was as good as the first. Theresa has a positive attitude that transforms a difficult task into a pleasant one. She even engaged my children to help set up their playroom and they loved it! I could not have done it by myself. Working with Theresa has changed my life for the better. For all of these reasons, I highly recommend her services."

~ Allie, Westfield

"When I finally decided to ask for help to address some of my very longstanding organizing challenges, I found Theresa D'Auria's website. I was pleased to see she belongs to the National Association of Professional Organizers. Hiring Theresa is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

She arrived promptly with all the tools necessary to get started. She knowledgably, cheerfully and gently helped me move through my mountains of paper, clothing and every sort of household item to decide what was useful and what was just clutter and no longer needed. The moral support was invaluable and she had good advice on places where many of the items would be loved or disposed of most appropriately.

I now have a place for everything, including a great filing system for paperwork we created together and I'm pretty good at putting things back where they belong so I can get to them as needed. This has saved a lot of time and anxiety. I was not able to come to this without company and support.

As a result of Theresa's knowledge and emotional and physical (and there is lifting and hauling--she is strong) help, I can now go into a closet, my desk, the garage, and any kitchen cupboard with a sense of ease and accomplishment."

~ M.M., Princeton

"We will be building on the great work you did for us, coming into our house and initiating the process of organizing and moving on."

~ Flemington Family

"Organized to a T helped me successfully de-clutter, clean and organize a finished basement, as well as a closet and garage shelf that had been in disarray. Theresa worked rapidly and efficiently to sort, re-purpose and organize years of paraphernalia, including boxes of papers, photographs, toys, games, dishes, wrapping paper, craft supplies and more. Even if you think you know what needs to be done to organize a space, Theresa will bring novel ideas and a fresh perspective. Most impressive is her energy and speed at accomplishing change in a space within a short period of time. She does not squander even a minute in terms of working. She was also very responsive, reliable, on time and a pleasure to work with."

~ Maureen, Hillsborough

"I learned a lot from Theresa and it’s making my life easier!"

~ Satisfied client, Middlesex

"After several major life events beyond our control, we found ourselves drowning in junk and clutter and were at a loss as to how to organize our small townhouse so we could use the space effectively. After our two sessions with Theresa we now have a functional basement where all of our decorations, books, and paper goods are organized, as well as a loft that functions both as an office space and guest room. We not longer feel stressed and overwhelmed looking at either space as we are able to use them both to their fullest potential."

~ Central Jersey Couple

"I didn’t like the fact that my office was cluttered and it showed a lack of organization to my clients. By working with Theresa, we not only got everything put in the right place, but she helped me implement an office process according to how I run my business. Theresa’s pro-active planning was the key to success and it was a pleasure working with her. It is a tremendous feeling knowing nothing is falling through the cracks anymore!"

~ E.L. – Flemington, NJ

"When I look at the before pictures it’s like OMG – did it really look that bad? I love the look now! Thank you again and I will be contacting you in the future for some more help. I am very pleased with your work."

~ K.M., Washington, NJ

"When you come, I have hope!"

~ Happy Client

"I called Theresa because I was overwhelmed and fed up with the piles of paperwork and undone tasks. I put most of my 'stuff' in one room and closed the door.

I felt a great sense of relief when I met with Theresa. She was friendly, relaxed, and efficient. Theresa made excellent suggestions and we worked together to create attainable goals and a simple action plan.

When we finished the project, I felt like a big weight was lifted from my shoulders and my self-judging mind.

I highly recommend Theresa for all her professional and personal skills."

~ Hillsborough Senior

"You went far beyond the call of duty…You were great! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your efforts."

~ Satisfied Senior, Princeton, NJ

"The sheer quantity of stuff in our house was becoming overwhelming. We called Theresa after searching the NAPO website for organizers that specialized in 'working with seniors'. Theresa was able to meet with us the next day. She has been very patient as we slowly worked from room to room on a schedule that was comfortable for us. She never pushes, but is always ready with suggestions and she has even helped by taking some items for donation or recycling. We would highly recommend Theresa."

~ Central NJ Family

"I do appreciate how you present your non-judgemental and kind approach. I think it (helps) people who would otherwise feel uncomfortable, to feel more at ease, when asking for help with the rather intimate details of their home organization."

~ J.M.

"Thank you, Theresa, for the follow up tips, and for all of the help in remaking the space. It’s made a difference!"

~ C.T., Princeton, NJ

"I was looking to get my office and house organized, so I searched the web and received a few different calls. I narrowed down my search and interviewed multiple candidates. Each one brought a different perspective, but the one who stood out the most (who I eventually hired) was Theresa D’Auria from Organized to a T. Theresa came to my office to give me an accurate quote and brainstormed how we would attack the mess I tend to make. She worked with me and my staff and did a fantastic job. My office never looked so good! Not only does Theresa help from a strategic perspective, but she gets right into the disaster with you. She isn’t hands off, let me tell you want to do, she is all hands on deck and let’s get this done together. I then hired her for my home and she worked with myself and my wife. We both loved working with Theresa, that I am going to be hiring her to work with my parents at their home.

Trust me, you need her in your life to get it together…or at least I do."

~ Eric Duchin, Pinpoint Promotions & Marketing

"Originally, I thought I only needed some company and an extra set of hands, but I got SO much more than that. Theresa helped me identify what is important, how to best store and access it, and also helped me with a system to keep my spaces the way we created them. She works quickly, diligently, respectfully and kept me on task, which made the job go much faster than I imagined it would. I highly recommend Organized to a T!"

~ Busy Mom, Hillsborough, NJ

"I asked Theresa to help me move into my 2-bedroom apartment. (I should have asked her to organize the packing of my condo before I downsized!)

When the movers placed the cartons in the correct rooms, I discovered that my dining room and guest room were filled with the 'extra' cartons. Theresa calmly looked at my chaotic situation, sat down with me, and came up with a few suggestions that 'we' could do the next day. She correctly sensed that I needed to work in small steps.

We worked through those cartons at a reasonable pace for this 78 year old youngster. Theresa worked with me, but always kept busy doing many other things.

Theresa continues to work with me on specific projects and helps me keep my paperwork organized. I go through the mail and leave the unpleasant items (medical information, notices, action items and some bills) for Theresa’s next visit. We tackle it together.

Theresa is non-judgmental, kind, patient, and very easy to work with. Of course, she has extraordinary project management, interpersonal, and organizational skills."

~ 78 year old who decided she deserved help

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